Message by Managing Director

Welcome to the website of United Reference Laboratory, a Clinical Reference Laboratory with distinct vision to make the difference in health care system.

I belong to health care industry for more than a decade, however, since two years I have become a different  person altogether and all the credit goes to my decision to get involved with URL as the Managing Director of the company. Thanks to the Chairman of the company Mr. Chet Bahadur Gurung, the Advisor Mr. Sushil Thapa, Board members and not the least all the staff members for their whole hearted support to translate the vision into reality.

The utmost satisfaction comes while I am in URL is because of 3 major reasons: URL is highly Customer centric, URL is creating a lot of difference in health Care system in Pokhara and neighboring cities and URL is raising the bar of Quality Service in health care system of entire nation.

We clearly understand Quality Assured test results are possible only when we can scrutinize the quality of its components: quality manpower, quality laboratory consumables and reagents, cutting edge technology, internationally accepted methods and many more. The top level management must be committed to quality with highest degree of honesty and passion. As the Managing Director of the company I find myself always passionately working to keep the unique balance of all these quality components.

In a short span of time of (2 years) we could achieve a great deal of awareness for Individuals’ right to their good health. We have been mercilessly fighting against Non Communicable Disease specially Diabetes, Liver, Kidney and Heart diseases. A great deal of innovative approach has been made in the areas of Oncology and Rheumatology and Endocrinology by the introduction of quite a few new, reliable tests for the first time in Pokhara. Thanks to Roche patented technology ECL in immunoassay segment for making URL a formidable lab by providing THE BREADTH of the test menu (wide coverage) and the DEPTH of test menu (Super-Special test).

We, at URL, strongly believe in Technology, Quality Management, and Knowledge Management, Information Management, hence trainings are being organized regularly to build up the team to minimize the gap of understanding among the individual member of the team. The key achievement is URL will continually grow, enhance quality, improve efficiency so that we can serve our customer better every day.

Finally, I thank all of our customers for the trust they have been extending to URL, it is our commitment that we will never let you down! URL will prevail as the next name of quality in clinical diagnostics!!

-Thakur Prasad Panta