Why should I choose URL?
– You will get easily accessible world class hospitality in a very affordable price with
 accurate report which is a rare combination of service in Nepal.

Does more than one pathologist read my results?
– Only if it is required. generally in certain tests which needs expert interpretation specially by seeing the sample slides or through microscope.

Can I, as a patient, take my sample to another doctor or hospital for a second opinion?
– Yes, you can but you need to inform us before handso we can collect a adequate amount of sample to provide you the same sample for second opinion with necessary arrangement.
However it always better to go to a reliable lab than to repeat the tests, that cost you much.

How long does it take to get the results?
– It depends on the test that you required, generally we can report most of the tests in 4 hours but some tests may take up to 7 days to report.

How will I be notified of the results? ( how will I get my Report)
– We send SMS for “your report is ready” notification, you can have it deliver at your email address,  or you can have hard copy from URL reception.

How do I interpret the results of my report?
– You should consult your doctor, your doctor is the right person to interpret your test report.
Anyway there will be Reference range given with every test report.

What should I do if I would like a copy of my report?
– You can ask for hard copy at URL reception, call us for to be sent at your email address.

Do you collect samples from residence?
– Yes we do with extra service charge.

How do I get price information of Lab services?
– Yes , please name the test we can provide you what sample required , how much charge and how long it takes to get results.

Do I need to make an appointment for my tests?
– You don’t need to have an appointment. You can visit our lab any time between working hours 7am- 8pm for test. Saturday till 1 Pm only.

Do I need to fast?
– Yes, for some type of test you need to fast.

I am nervous about having my blood taken – is it really necessary?
– Yes it is, if the source of sample is Blood.

Am I at risk of catching anything by having my blood taken?
– We follow all safety standard procedure during blood collection to avoid any risk of infection. We use close system vacuum tubes for sample collection which mitigate vein puncture exposure risk to the outer environment.

I have to give a urine/sputum/stool test – how do I do this?
– Please take appropriate sterilized container for each samples from Lab. You can use our rest room to collect samples or bring it from home later.

How do I know that my samples will not be mixed up in the laboratory?
– We use specially designed bar coded label container for sample collection linked with
your unique identification number automatically generated by our system based upon five level of your information. So there is a very remote chance of sample mixing.

I have very difficult veins. How can I be sure your collectors can get the sample?
– We have very professional and trained phlebotomist, let him/her do his/her best.

I have recently had major surgery and cannot get to a collection center. How can I get my test done?
– We provide home/hospital service with extra service charge.