About us

United Reference Laboratory is a Clinical Reference Lab popularly known as URL “FOR THE PEOPLE OF POKHARA BY THE PEOPLE OF POKHARA”.

URL tries not to compete with existing local labs in Pokhara but initiates a working together relation in the following ways:

  •  by helping enhance the quality of existing labs for what they do.
  •  by expanding the possibility of conducting tests which were not  possible in Pokhara before.
  •  by meeting the gap of immunology markers which is the established need of Pokhara.

As we understand the importance of accuracy in lab testing, we have introduced state –of-the-art technology called ECLIA from world leader ROCHE Diagnostics. ROCHE has valid FDA & CE certification for its products for third party assurance in quality.

We are conducting our tests in controlled environment and all our samples and testing materials are stored in favorable environment. We use FDA approved vacuum tubes during sample collection, which confirms right proportion of sample and additives and also maintain a close system to avoid contamination.

Water quality is another very crucial element in lab testing. Therefore we use lab grade water.

Quality of electricity has a major role to play in diagnostic test results. All the diagnostic principles are based on appropriate use of light. We have online UPS back up so that the lab can consistently maintain quality power supply.

Mixed Match of Samples & Transcription error is the most common problem observed in almost all diagnostic labs. Automation eliminates human intervention in between the ongoing process thereby reducing human error. We will also be consistently upgrading the IT system to minimize such errors.

Delightful Customer Experience:

Our team will work together to make our customer’s visit at URL a delightful experience. Our front desk staffs are trained to be informative, courteous and empathetic while dealing to enhance customer satisfaction.

Eco-friendly Approach:

We are aware about our responsibility to conserve Mother Nature. So we try to go green ass far possible by using less paper for printing, using LED light fixtures etc.